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Healthcare providers generate vast amount of unstructured health data which is also decentralised and unanalyzed; Difficult to understand how patients are responding to drugs and treatment in the real-world or what is the the particular patient populations; Hospitals lack the capacity to apply technologies like Big Data and AI

- these are some of the major challenges in the healthcare industry today.


Sqilline Health provides innovative and affordable healthcare solution based on the in-memory SAP HANA database technology. Its big data analytics capabilities help connect data silos and analyse huge amounts of disparate, genеtic and other patient data in real-time, turning it into real-time insights and action.

Our technology solutions improve linking of patient unique characteristics data – genome sequence, health history, lifestyle – and help develop tailored treatments which increase the life expectancy of patients.

Danny Platform

A powerful analytics platform to evaluate real-world treatment outcomes

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Industry News & Highlights


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Clinical data extraction and normalization of Cyrillic EHR via deep-learning NLP

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