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The primary driver for growing healthcare costs are rising medical prices, including price of new medicines and prescription drugs; Lack of capacity and ability to apply Big Data and AI; Clinical trials account for almost 50% of the R&D cost of new drugs; Patient recruitment is one of the most costly and difficult aspect of managing clinical trials with 50% of trials not meeting initial recruitment goals – these are some of the major challenges in the pharmaceutical industry.


Sqilline Health’s focus on big data and predictive analytics, combined with the SAP HANA database empowers physicians, researchers and pharmaceutical companies to collect and analyse new research and clinical trials data rapidly and more efficiently in order to deliver high-quality care, accelerate time-to-market and generate more value for all stakeholders.

Our technology solutions improve “smart” algorithms linking of disparate, patient data, enhance external and internal collaborations, improve pharmaceutical distribution processes and help develop more individualized approaches and tailored treatments which increase life expectancy of patients.

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Danny Platform

A powerful analytics platform to evaluate real-world treatment outcomes

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